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Seven million unique Nutella jars were placed on the market by confectionery manufacturer Ferrero last year. Since January 2018 these personalised printed jars have also been available in Germany.
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200,000 Bottles for a T-Shirt
Shopping with a good conscience – yes, it does exist. More and more fashion labels are looking to recycling and making stylish clothing out of old plastic bottles. Even Hollywood is taken by this trend and a world record has been broken.
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Frustration-free under the Christmas tree
Unwrapping is expected to be a particular treat for Christmas. All the better if the packaging is designed in a way that allows the person receiving the present to get to the desired content fast and conveniently.
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Deposits for drink bottles – yes or no?
What do you do with a drink bottle when you’re finished with it? The issue of disposal is solved differently in each country. For many decades Germany has had a system of refillable bottles, yet many consumers are still confused.
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15 million Christmas parcels
Online mail ordering has been growing steadily for many years. At the moment the challenges can be felt particularly in the packaging industry, as nearly 15 million parcels are dispatched in the run-up to Christmas in Germany alone.
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Millennials not keen on recycling
Contrary to widespread belief, a recent poll has shown that millennials aren’t all that keen on recycling. Still, they’re quite environment-conscious, and they’re prepared to dig a bit deeper into their pockets for sustainably manufactured products.
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How culture and climate can impact packaging
The success of a product on international markets is largely determined by the suitability of its packaging. Decisive criteria that must be covered by packaging solutions include not only secure transportation and a long shelf life, but also country-specific traditions.
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Migration of Mineral Oils: solutions not sufficiently used so far
This issue is not new to the packaging industry: there are numerous solutions to prevent the migration of mineral oils offered by manufacturers but these are only rarely made use of by retailers and food producers.
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Precision Counts
With bodycare product packaging the highest levels of precision are required in production and processing. As far as the aesthetics of the products is concerned design, colour, surface and texture are key aspects affecting consumer purchasing decisions.
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Expensive Paper
Since the start of 2017 the global paper market as well as the affiliated packaging industry has been feeling the effects of raw material shortages. One of the areas where rising raw material prices are prompting concern is the corrugated card and paper industry.
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